Michael B.  (Oshawa, Canada) Retired

I thought that the "signature" ones were great but the assorted elevated me to a new level.

Joseph P. (Fort Erie, Canada) Marketing Director

I thought I died and went to heaven when I tasted them.   This is sure to be a million dollar product. Excellent job.  I'm a customer for life but I'm also willing to buy shares in your company.  Call me.

John F. (Pittsburgh, USA) - Insurance Rep.

Who would think that something so simple could taste so unbelievable?  I will be purchasing these for years to come.  Can't be without 'em. 

Cris T. (Oshawa, Canada) - CRA

I started taking orders for ibakeit from my co-workers just to keep them from eating all of mine.  I love them with an espresso in the morning.  It is the ultimate kick-start to any day.

Ellen L. (Toronto, Canada) Dental Assistant

I love the chocolate ones the best.   I call them "hidden" gems because I have to hide them from my co-workers when I'm at work, hide them from my kids when I'm at home and hide them from my husband  so he doesn't eat them all.  

Mike J. (Noble, Canada) Retired

I don't know if there is an award for biscotti's, but this is my #1 vote for sure.  Now my morning coffee has a new best friend.

Frankie M. (Mississauga, Canada) - Sales

Tried 'em once and I'm hooked.  I order them in the premium packaging and have them delivered to my clients for all occasions.  They are welcomed with open arms.  It has done amazing things to boost my own business. 

Wies N. (Toronto, Canada) - Entreprenneur

A friend of mine introduced me to the "signature biscotti" . . . a 15 out of 10 for sure.  My mother keeps eating them on me.   That's because they are crazy delicious!  

Dr. Richard E. (Toronto, Canada) Doctor

The real challenge is how to control yourself and not eat them all at one sitting.  It's a new prescription I write for anyone who needs a boost in life.  Guaranteed to bring smiles and conversation.

Patricia L. (North York, Canada) Baker

I think I'm a good baker but I've never found a recipe that I truly enjoyed til now.  They are crispy without that rock hard texture yet they melt in your mouth.  You've mastered your recipe. I'm grateful to have found you but the truth be known . . . I'm jealous of your talent !!

Rickie J. (Toronto, Canada) - ULA Ltd.

I love biscotti !  I have  travelled the world and these are hands-down the best I have ever tasted. So glad I was introduced to iBakeit !

Lynne P. (Toronto, Canada) - Teacher

Your Biscotti and a Coffee --- the perfect marriage.  Good Morning world !

Carm M. (Niagara Falls, Canada) - Housewife

Oh my God . . . these biscotti are in a league of their own.  You could charge triple the price and customers would be still breaking down your door to buy them.

Joe A. (Bowmanville, Canada) Business Owner

No contest !   Best biscotti ever, ever, ever . . .  'nuff said !

Niko A. (Bowmanville, Canada) iGreek Authentic Greek Cuisine

Your biscotti are so good they should be illegal.  My customers rant and rave about them.  Momma Sak you've hit the nail on the head with these . . . "they're fire" ! 

Jim C.  (Toronto, Canada)  Business Owner

I need to learn to control myself.  I ate a salad for supper so I would have room for my Biscotti treat(s). After eating 14 in a row at one sitting I thought I should so slow down.  Don't stop the ovens.

Clem R. (Calgary, Canada) Community Services

The taste is out of this world.  So thankful that you can deliver to me out west. 

James T. (Toronto, Canada) - CanAm Professional Sports

Your biscotti are "off-the-charts" delicious.  We order in bulk so we are never without.  It's a great way to keep all my employees happy.  Keep up the great work.

Valerie P. (Vaughan, Canada) Business Owner

I order iBakeit Biscotti for all my events.  I take care of my clients palate first and it makes it so much easier to do business after. Nothing goes better with an espresso than an iBakeit Biscotti.  You are my "go-to" dessert.  If you start a "biscotti of the month club".  I'll join for sure!